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Are We There Yet? (BBC documentary, 2007)
A March 2007 look at competition between bus companies in Manchester has much of interest for the armchair bus fan.
Central to the show is this ACE Travel Leyland Olympian/Eastern Coachworks B960ODU with coach seats, new to Midland Red South:
First 60734 (MV02VDG) is a Volvo B7L/Wright:
Stagecoach MAN 18.220LF/Alexander 22091, MX54LRY:
A Magicbus Leyland Olympian/Alexander, 13639 (H604LNA), new to Hong Kong Citybus, passes tram 1023:
Two Stagecoach Dennis Tridents, 17652 and 17667 (V152DFT and V167DFT):
...and Tridents 18193 (MX54LRA), 18043 (MX53FMJ):
Stagecoach Manchester 19069, an Alexander Dennis Enviro 400, has a close encounter with a Magicbus Dennis Dragon new to Kenya Bus:
Arriva doesn't get much coverage:
Finglands 1784 (P532HMP), a Volvo Olympian/Northern Counties, 1765 (MF51LZW), a Plaxton-bodied Volvo B7TL, and 1774, a Volvo Olympian/Alexander:
UK North 207T (R359XVX), a Volvo Olympian/East Lancs, and similar 217 (R365DJN):
There are also glimpses of damaged UK North 216 (R364DJN) and L413KEF (Volvo B6/Alexander), and 218 (R366DJN).
The events leading up to the demise of this company are covered in some detail and there are some views of the UK North yard, including 300 (V651LWT), a DAF DB250LF/Alexander, and 105 (M845RCP), a DAF SB220LT/Northern Counties ,110 (R396XDA), a DAF SB220LF/Northern Counties, and 123 (?)
First 40388, a Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer:
A visit to Yorkshire yields interesting views of this Barnsley and District Optare Delta J322BVO, by now carrying its Stagecoach fleet number 26046:
...also Stagecoach 20236 (K236MAP), an Alexander-bodied Volvo B10B...:
...but more significant is the footage of Yorkshire Traction's unique Kirn Mogul/East Lancs 208 (1901HE), by then in the Stagecoach fleet and carrying both Tracky and Stagecoach fleet numbers:
In Sheffield, views of the tramway system are punctuated by this Powells Metrobus:
Attention shifts to London and views of several Arriva London VLA-class Volvo B7TL/Alexander, including VLA163 (LJ55BVR) and VLA107 (LJ05BLK):
London General WVL145 (LX53AYV), a Wright-bodied Volvo B7TL:
East Thames VP5 (X154FBB, Volvo B7TL/Plaxton):
Many Manchester and Sheffield trams are seen during the course of the programme, including Manchester 1020 and 1026:
.....and Sheffield Supertrams 114 and 123, 102 and repainted 115:
This is my attempt at a full list of the vehicles seen, where it's possible to identify them:
Arriva London     DLA388(LJ03MYZ), DAF DE02PSDB250     Alexander ALX400
East London Buses     18203     (LX04FWN), Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400
ACE Travel B960ODU, Leyland Olympian/Eastern Coachworks
Arriva 1254     (N254CKA), Dennis Dart/East Lancs
Arriva London     VLA107 (LJ05BLK), VLA163, Volvo B7TL/Alexander
East Thames     VP5     (X154FBB),     Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President
Finglands     1765 (WF51LZW),     Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President
Finglands     1774 (N592BRH), Volvo Olympian/Alexander Royale
Finglands     1777 (R417SOY), Volvo Olympian/Northern Counties Palatine II
Finglands     1784 (P532HMP), Volvo Olympian/Northern Counties Palatine I
First     31141     (YU52VYS), Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400
First     40405     (R280SBA), Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer
First     40409/23/35     (P503/17/29LND), Dennis Dart SLF/Wright Crusader
First     40438 (T702PND), Volvo B6BLE/Wright Crusader
First     60348     (N554WVR), Volvo B10B/Wright Endurance
First     60481     (G636NWA), Volvo B10M/Alexander PS
First     60618     (R781WKW), Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown
First     60631 (S813RWG), Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown
First     60734     (MV02VDG), Volvo B7L/Wright Eclipse
First     66820     (MX05CEJ), Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban
First     66822 (MX05CEO), Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban
London General WVL145 (LX53AYV), Volvo B7TL/Wright Gemini
Magic Bus     13516     (C156HBA), Leyland Olympian/Alexander
Magic Bus     13632     (H778VHL), Leyland Olympian/Alexander
Magic Bus     13639     (H604LNA), Leyland Olympian/Alexander
Magic Bus 15197 (M379TJA), Dennis Dragon/Duple-Metsec
Manchester Trams 1007/20/3/6
Metroline     TP395     (LR52KXO), Dennis Trident/Plaxton President
Powells     MCW Metrobus/MCW
Stagecoach 16729 (S769RVU), Volvo Olympian/Alexander
Stagecoach 16791 (P721GND),     Volvo Olympian/Alexander
Stagecoach 17652/7/9 (V152/7/69DFT), Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400
Stagecoach 17814 (S814BWC), Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400
Stagecoach 18043 (MX53FMJ), Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400
Stagecoach 18193 (MX54LRA), Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400
Stagecoach 18309,     Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400
Stagecoach 19069 (MX56FTA), Dennis Trident/Alexander Enviro 400
Stagecoach 20236 (K236MAP),     Volvo B10M/Alexander PS
Stagecoach 20907 (R907XVM), Volvo B10M/Alexander PS
Stagecoach 22091 (MX54LRY), MAN 18.220LF/Alexander ALX300
Stagecoach 22125/42/3     (S12542/3TRJ), MAN 18.220LF/Alexander ALX300
Stagecoach 26046 (J322BVO), DAF SB220LC550/Optare Delta
Stagecoach 29898 (1901HE), Kirn Mogul/East Lancs Flyte (carrying Yorkshire Traction 208)
Stagecoach Volvo B6BLE/East Lancs Spryte (from the 31901-12 batch)
Stagecoach MAN 14.220LF/East Lancs Myllennium (from the 39621-31 batch)
Bullocks     X939NBU     128, Dennis Trident/East Lancs
Sheffield Supertrams     102/5/12/3/5/7/24
UK North 105 (M845RCP), DAF SB220LT/Northern Counties Paladin
UK North 110 (R396XDA), DAF SB220GSLF/Plaxton Prestige
UK North 123 (L34WLH), Dennis Lance SLF/Wright Pathfinder
UK North 164 (L413KEF), Volvo B6/Alexander Dash
UK North 206/7 (R357/9XVX), Leyland Olympian/East Lancs Pyoneer
UK North 216-9 (R364-7DJN), Leyland Olympian/East Lancs Pyoneer
UK North 222 (R919WOE), Volvo Olympian/Alexander
UK North 300 (V651LWT),     DAF DB250LF/Alexander ALX400
Two unidentified London articulated Mercedes Citaro     
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