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Ar Y Bysus (S4C documentary series, 2017)
Series following three family-run bus companies in Wales: Richard Brothers of Cardigan, Taf Valley Coaches of Whitland and Midway Motors of Crymych. Lots of footage on and off the buses.
The striking opening footage features Midway's bronze 250DBX (Setra S416GT), Taf Valley BC15TAF (VDL Futura II) and Richards YJ15ERU (Van Hool TX16 Alicron):

Episode 1
Early morning footage at the Richards garage includes RBO350 and K508RJX (DAF SB3000/Van Hool), also Optare MetroCities YJ15AWR, YJ15AWP, YJ15APY in Traws Cymru livery and Optare Versa YJ59GFU in Richards livery. Also glimpsed are M10RCC, a Mercedes 814D, and an Optare Solo:
YJ59GFU passes in daylight:
CX06AGO (Mercedes 616CDI/Koch) operates the Cardi Bach service
A general view of the yard introduces Taf Valley Coaches:
XAE695 (Scania K94/Irizar) leads YN10FKW (Mercedes O816D/Plaxton Cheetah 2), and is also seen with BC12TAF (Volvo B9R/Plaxton):
E16TAF (Volvo B9R/Plaxton) and BC66TAF Volvo B8R/Plaxton, also E14TAF (Mercedes O816/Sitcar):
To Midway Motors, and a glimpse of Renault Master 1885FM. No id on the minibus next to it, but beyond is yellow BMC BX55OFN:
A lineup of two Midway Setra S416GTs, YTH317 and 250DBX, and Dennis Javelin/Plaxton A17CCG:
A general view of the Richards yard, and a closeup of X117GJU (Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton) and YO53OVD (Optare Solo):
Taf BC66TAF (Volvo B8R/Plaxton) and E16TAF (Volvo B9R/Plaxton):
Unclear, but this may be BC55TAF (Volvo B9R/Plaxton)
I don't think this qualifies as an autonomous vehicle:
Midway Setra 250DBX on promotional work:
Two Richards vehicles: YJ09EXZ Optare Solo in a dedicated livery for the Puffin Shuttle operated for Pembrokeshire County Council, and Y741OBE (Mercedes O814D/ACL):
V251BNV (Mercedes O814D/Plaxton Beaver 2) manoeuvres against a background of other Plaxton Beavers and Optare Solo YJ09VXW:
Dennis Dart SLF X711GJU passes YJ09CWR, a VDL SB4000/Wright in Traws Cymru colours:
....and more promotional work, this time by Taf Valley BC15TAF (VDL Futura 2):

Episode 2:
More footage of Mercedes CX06AGO:
Taf Valley BC13TAF (VDL Futura 2) sets off to work, while Richards LDV Convoy KT05XAW and BX54FRF are seen at work:
Midway Setra S416GT YTH317 is seen behind Vauxhall van CV15NHT:
A trip to the Isle of Man by BC13TAF is illustrated by Bus Vannin 164 (JMN50R), a 2009 Volvo B9TL/Wright:

Episode 3:
Midway's VW Crafter YN07OTX:
Midway's BX54EDP (Setra S315GT-HD) prepares for departure to Ireland. Inside the shed is Bristol MW/Eastern Coachworks 269HNU. In the background can be glimpsed BMC 1100FE BX55OFN, and in the second view Volvo B10M-62/Van Hool W4JJL arrives behind:
More footage of the tour:
....while Richards CX08AGO meets with unique YJ14CCV, a VDL SB200 with MCV body in Traws Cymru livery:
The Richards team venture to Oxfordshire to collect buses from Weavaway Travel at the former Tappins garage at Didcot. On arrival we see two of the ADL E20Ds, YX63ZVM and YX63ZVO, while in the background we glimpse one of Weavaway's smart Volvo Olympian/Alexander in the 'Noah Vale' replica National Bus Company red livery:
Also for collection is YX63ZVL:
While they're being inspected we glimpse one of Weavaway's VDL Futura IIs, WA64CVx, also one of the fleet of ADL E40Ds, and rare SHY807S (Van Hool EOS230), carrying 'Rockbird Bussing' fleetnames:
Also making the trip is short Optare Solo YJ59GEK:
And so they set off:
....and arrive:

Episode 4:
Another early morning at Richards yard, and YJ60GDV, a VDL SB200/Wright in Traws Cymru livery:
BF52KKH is a Crest bodied Mercedes 614D:
An interesting lineup as V251BNV (Mercedes O814D/Plaxton) pases in front of, from left to right, SN03DZL (Transbus Enviro E300), two VDL/Wright, an Optare Tempo and two LDV Convoys:
Seen from behind, a VDL SB200 and BJ14KTK, a Volvo B7BLRE/MCV:
A better view of the Enviro 300, SN03DZL:
At Taf Valley, YN10FKW (Mercedes O816D/Plaxton Cheetah 2) is parked in front of XAE695 (Scania K94/Irizar), BC55TAF (Volvo B9R/Plaxton Panther) and YN05HVS (Volvo B12B/Plaxton):
E16TAF (Volvo B9R/Plaxton), prepares to leave for Belgium:
Back at the Richards yard, Optare Solo X319CBT and LDV Convoy T923NAW are parked by a disused Mercedes O814D:
....and a new bus arrives for the fleet, Optare Solo SR YJ66ANR:
At Midway we see a lineupof minibuses. The only clearly seen of these is YIL1202 (Mercedes O814D/Plaxton):
Rally time, and three heritage vehicles are seen: Lewis of Rhydlewis DPB777T (Leyland Leopard/Duple Dominant II), a rare Bedford OB/Plaxton of Edwards, Llano, ETL221, and Richards' own Duple bodied OB MDE666, which is also seen in a trailer for episode 5:

Episode 5:
An episode largely taken up with wedding celebrations. Opens with Taf Valley's XAE695 (Scania K94/Irizar) in the garage, and VDL Futura BC13TAF:
In the Richards yard, RBO284 (DAF SB3000/Van Hool) is parked next to N960LDE (DAF SB3000/Ikarus):
...but the star of the show is Richards MDE666 on wedding transport duty, a restored Bedford OB that was new to the company in 1950 and returned after restoration:
Taf Valley E16TAF (Volvo B9R/Plaxton) is seen at speed:
.....and Mercedes Tourismo MM17WAY arrives at Midway Motors in a livery for their 60th Anniversary:

Episode 6:
Richards CU04AKP, a VDL SB120/Wright:

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