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Auf Wiedersehen Pet (BBC drama serial, 1983-2004)
i>"In the first series of "Auf Wiedersehen,Pet", set in Germany, there is a scene in which Oz boards an articulated bus to head for the ferry after being sacked from the site. He is subsequently reinstated,and Dennis and Barry pursue the bus on Barry's motorbike and manage to shout at Oz to disembark." (thanks Alan Sinclair)

The third incarnation of this popular serial, set partly in the North East of England and partly in Arizona, features (in the English scenes in episodes 2 and 3) a pair of
Ford coaches of Kings of Middlesbrough. RXG810H is an R192/Plaxton Elite (Steve notes "quite smart for a 32 year old motor!"); 7204DD (originally UUX366S) is a later R1114/Plaxton Supreme. (also thanks Graeme Selway)

Episode 3 also has a yellow school bus in Arizona. Gary Mitchelhill observes:
"In the opening credits of some of the episodes Wayne is driving his BMW somewhere in Derbyshire and there is a Plaxton Bodied Barton coach in the background.

Before Dennis drops Ally Fraser off at Newcastle Airport in 'Return of the Seven Part One',
there is a shot of Tyne and Wear PTE Atlantean 176 AVK176V leaving on the service X77 to Central Station.
It is in an advert livery for Pattenson Ford. There is also at shot of the Metro Crossing the Ouseburn Viaduct with several PTE Buses in the background, including a Scania Metropolitan. Also there is a closer view of a Metropolitan in a later episode."
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