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Autopsy: Emergency Room AKA Gunter's ER (Channel 4 documentary series, 2007)
Roger Thiedeman comments: "German anatomist/showman Gunther von Hagens invented the 'plastination' method of preserving human cadavers. He has appeared on several TV series, on which he dissects corpses, with the aid of pre-plastinated bodies and/or components thereof, to demonstrate the human anatomy and its workings, fatal illnesses, injuries, etc.
The professor's latest TV series, now on DVD, is titled 'Gunther's ER'. It demonstrates potentially fatal injuries or accidental events (like choking on foreign objects) and how they are treated in hospital's emergency departments (rooms) so as to try saving lives in a hurry. The DVD has three main episodes, plus a bonus feature titled 'The Gunther von Hagens Body Appeal'. The latter depicts the professor and a group of British medical students on the campaign trail in London and Eastbourne in an open-top double-decker bus, recruiting people old and young to donate their bodies to medical science - upon their eventual demise, of course! - because there is evidently an acute shortage of cadavers for medical education in British universities and teaching hospitals."

The screencaps (thank you Roger) show former London Transport DMS1304 (MLH304L, a Daimler Fleetline/MCW seen here converted to opentop) on tour:
Seen in London are Alexander-bodied Dennis Tridents:
Also glimpsed are a London Transport AEC Routemaster, a Big Bus Company MCW Metrobus and a Neoplan Skyliner of Stagecoach Oxford:
....and we pass a City Sightseeing Leyland Olympian/Alexander:
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