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The Avengers (ABC action series, 1961-9)
Episode: Death at Bargain Prices
Has a stock shot of RT family buses in London in the first couple of minutes. One is definitely an RT.

Episode: How to Succeed....at Murder
A London Transport AEC Regent III RT3315 reg LYR534 appeared on service 358 to Borehamwood.
Courtesy of the quite wonderful Mrs Peel, We're Needed website by Piers Johnson and Natasha Vogelmann, here's a screenshot (thanks Piers!):

Episode: False Witness
A London Transport Leyland Titan PD2 RTL1557 (OLD666) used as a mobile office driving around London - this device was later re-used in the film. Photograph at the Avengers Forever website.
Courtesy of Terry at the Agent 69 website, here are some screen captures (click for larger versions!):

Episode: Killer
Has an appearance by 616BYP, a bus full of dummies!
Mike Lloyd explains "the little bus is a Commer HX441 with bodywork by Owen, and is certainly owned by or ex Molins Machine Company of Deptford and Saunderton, Buckinghamshire. Molins ran a network of staff bus routes, but they were fully PSV-licensed, so presumably the lucky staff had to pay for the privilege. Most of their buses were Bedford SBs but there were three or possibly more of these little Commers. All the fleet had bodies by Owen, better known as a builder of gown vans. The basic design was externally identical to the Mulliner metal-framed bus body of about 1957, shortened for the Commers of course. The livery was cream, later yellow, and internally although buses, the trim level was nearer to that of a coach with much moquette on side panels, etc. As far as I know, none survive today."
(screen captures by Terry)
Episode: The Girl from Auntie
Kevin McGowan notes "There's a nice opening shot of the West London Air Terminal, with 4 BEA and 1 Green Line RF in view."     
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