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Dave Allen At Large (BBC comedy series, 1971-6 )
Sketches by the sometimes-controversial Irish comedian framed by his distinctive monologues.
Episode 1.01:
An elderly butler (Allen in a wig) carrying a large block of ice is refused entry to London Country Green Line RC7 (CUV65C), a Willowbrook bodied AEC Reliance, running route 711 to Reigate:
Episode 4.02:
"Eastern National Bristol Lodekka LD5G/Eastern Coachworks 2535 (58PPU) was used in an episode (6 March 1975) in a sketch where he" (Allen) "chases after it down the street and eventually gets on just as it turns into Wood Green depot." (thanks Chris Stewart).
Eastern National's Wood Green garage is of course familiar to fans of 'On the Buses', and there's even an FLF parked on the forecourt on route 251.
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