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Bargain Hunt (BBC game show, 2000-)

A 2003 show (filmed December 2002) in this series has star David Dickenson travelling on Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society's preserved Bolton Corporation all-Leyland Titan TD1 54 (WH1553) in the introduction to a recent 'Bargain Hunt' - Scot Fergie spotted this: "He does the intro and interviews the two guest teams at the rear bench seats of the lower saloon, in what looked like a downpour outside. There's shots through the drivers cab - with the puny windscreen wiper trying bravely to clear the water from the driver's screen. The 'pick-ups' filmed earlier or later of the vehicle approaching and departing from the camera seem to take place in dry weather. (obviously before the interiors then!). Nice footage of the bus even though it only appears for the first two minutes."

"The edition of this game show broadcast on Thursday 25
November 2004 featured two teams of Dublin bus drivers who drive city tour buses in the city. Some open top Alexander (Belfast) Olympians were featured in the opening part of the programme. Since no fleet or registration plates were visible the exact number is unknown but I think two buses featured."
(thanks Chris Hough)

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