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Behind the Scenes at the Museum (BBC documentary series, 2010)
Episode 1:
A look at the British Commercial Motor Museum concentrates more on the conflicting personalities among the staff than on the vehicles. When we do see the buses, the view tends to be a partial or 'artistic' shot. There are some gems to be seen, however, among the museum exhibits. This view shows Bournemouth trolleybus 301 (301LJ), a 1962 Sunbeam MF2B/Weymann, alongside Ribble 963 (JRN29), a Leyland Tiger Cub/Burlingam new in 1956, and Warrington 112 (OED217), a rare Foden PVD6/East Lancs from 1956.
Green YT3738, a 1927 Leyland Lioness/Thurgood, is only glimpsed - it was owned originally by King George V:
This horse bus is also seen in background:
Handsome Leyland coach EK7517 appears on a poster, while London Transport STL51 (YY5351), a 1932 Tilling AEC Regent, is shown in a painting:
....but we do see the real Tilling XW9892, a Tilling Stevens TS7/Tilling new in 1925:
Visitors include this Leyland Titan, and, more distant, another Titan and a Bristol RE. James identifies the Titan as BED 722C, an unusual Leyland Titan PD2/40S with East Lancs body new To Warrington:
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