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The Benny Hill Show (ITV comedy series, 1969-89)
Season 4 episode 1: Woodstick
1972 edition of the long-running but politically-incorrect comic's show had three appearances by a former Royal Blue Bristol LS6G/Eastern Coachworks. OTT44 was new as Western National 2201 in 1953; by the time this was shot it was with Kenton Elms Coaches - note 'Blue' has been scratched out on the side:
Season 4 episode 3:
Another 1972 show features two buses on rival package tours. The first is a Leyland Leopard PSU5/4R with Plaxton coachwork - the fleetname of its owner, Capital Coaches, can partly be seen.
As it starts off, revealed behind it is a battered GJB263, a 1952 Bristol LWL6B new to Thames Valley and still in that livery, although by the time it was filmed it had been sold on:
The tourists arrive in Spain, to be greeted by this Renault TN4H, not Spanish at all, but a traditional Paris bus, albeit (I would guess) filmed in the UK:
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