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Bergerac (BBC police series, 1981-91)
Adventures of a Jersey-based policeman don't take in much of the other Channel Islands, but do stray to London and also to France from time to time.
A Tantivy Motors Bedford VAS/Duple Dominant passes in the opening credits of season 1:

Episode 1.1: Picking It Up
A Bedford SB/Duple Dominant of Mascot:

Episode 1.4: Campaign for Silence
A journalist gets off a Jersey MT Ford R192/Willowbrook before being hit over the head:
A second similar vehicle passes in a later scene:
Footage in London shows a London Transport DMS-type Daimler Fleetline and a number of AEC Routemasters:

Episode 1.5: See You in Moscow
This episode begins in London, with several passing London Transport AEC RML Routemasters and a glimpse of a Leyland Leopard/Willowbrook 003 bodied coach in National Express white (Western National fleetnames?) passing a Plaxton Supreme-bodied coach:
Also seen is a Leyland Leopard/Duple Dominant II of National Travel with a London Transport roundel on the back:
A woman arrives in St Helier on the Sealink ferry from Portsmouth. At the harbour Tantivy Motors 3 (J64338), a Duple Dominant-bodied Bedford VAS, pulls away, while a yellow/white Bedford SB/Duple Bella Vega is parked:
Another Duple Dominant Bedford VAS pulls away in the yellow/white livery - fleetname appears to be 'Waverley'.
Jim Bergerac arrives and parks his car next to a Bedford SB/Duple Vista in cream/maroon livery, fleet number 88. Just visible beyond in the park is a blue Duple Domininant:
Meantime the woman is taken to the bus station in St Helier, with many Jersey MT Fords parked. Some are Willowbrook-bodied, some Duple Dominant bus. She gets on JMT 20, a Ford R192/Willowbrook, on service 9A to Greve de Lecq. The bus drops her at a telephone box:

Episode 1.10: The Hood and the Harlequin
Reflection of a Willowbrook bodied Ford R192 of Jersey MT:
This DUKW provides semi-aquatic tours:

Episode 4.5: Return of the Ice Maiden
Improbable jewel thief Philippa Vale (played by Liza Goddard), improbably disguised as a (male) hippy, travels on Jersey MT 24 (Ford R1015/Wadham Stringer) on service 14 to St Brelades Bay:

Episode 4.8: Sins of the Fathers
Glimpse of a red/white Bristol LH in the background of a film shoot - it may be in National Bus Company dual-purpose livery:

Episode 5.01: The Memory Man
Angular Bedford CF with Reeve Burgess body:
This view of various Duple bodied Bedfords has been seen before but appears in the closing credits of several episodes:

Episode 6.5: The Sin of Forgiveness
A VW LT airport courtesy bus J41131 is hijacked:

Episode 7.5: Weekend Off
London Transport AEC Routemaster in traffic::
This London Buses OV class Optare City Pacer arrives outside Great Portland Street tube station in Central Hoppa livery:
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