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Betty's Bus (documentary)
Documentary about a journey on former Western Scottish Leyland Titan PD3/Alexander D1535 (MSD399) from London to Hong Kong.
"I had a photo of it reduced to a skeleton in a depot in Hong Kong." (thanks Dave Farrier)
Malcolm Rennie adds "I think it was actually called BETTY’S JOURNEY. I saw it on The Discovery Channel again in winter 1997/1998. It was a two parter but as I only saw the second part I have no idea why the 6 lads who filmed it all on camcorder were doing it.
The bus was indeed MSD 99. In the part I saw they went from India to Hong Kong via Nepal, India (again), Singapore,
Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. There is a sequence where they 'ground' the rear platform as they try to board a ferry and in India there are shots of tractor and trailer articulated double deckers with open rear platforms."

As I've been unable to get a definitive name for this, I'll leave it 'as is' until I can confirm it one way or the other.
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