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Blackpool on Film (BBC documentary, 2011)
Entertaining compilation of clips from various sources depicting Blackpool over the years, kicks off with a line of charabancs. Can anyone identify either YW1480 or TE4400?
North Western Road Car 962 (VDB962) pulls in alongside a similar vehicle. It's a 1962 Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R with Plaxton body, and went on to become part of the Crosville fleet.
Trams and buses are seen in various extremes of weather:
But although the young lady's laughter is infectious, this windy clip doesn't appear to be from Blackpool. The background bus (JG8217) is an East Kent Leyland Titan TD4 new in 1936:
Sometimes the sun does shine in Blackpool!
This clip of a Blackpool Corporation streamlined Leyland Titan PD2/5 waiting for elephants to cross the road is from the Baim Films 1960 film Playground Spectacular
A sequence looking at the town's football club shows two victory parades. The first is from 1953 and the footage is from Blackpool Welcomes The Cup released by British Pathe. Blackpool FC parade the FA Cup aboard Burlingham Seagull bodied Leyland Tiger Cub EFR950 of Seagull Coaches:
The second is from 2010 and shows the team celebrating promotion to the Premier League aboard Blackpool Transport 857 (D257FYM). New as London Transport L257, it's a 1987 Leyland Olympian/Eastern Coachworks in City Sightseeing livery:
Finally we see a selection of Blackpool's illuminated trams:
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