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Bones (Fox crime drama series, 2005-)
Episode 4.1 - Yanks in the UK
A poor entry in an otherwise entertaining series, that seems to have been stretched to feature length to justify the location shooting in London. On the plus side it is shot in the UK, not California. Full of stereotypical Yanks in London scenes; Booth (David Boreanaz) can't handle driving a Mini in London traffic, and almost collides head on with a bus. It's not however a London bus, but a Dennis Trident/East Lancs of Carousel of High Wycombe, T411SMV. The route number displayed is A40, which links High Wycombe with Heathrow Airport and never actually comes into London itself. On the plus side T411SMV was new to London operator Metrobus. Also a plus is that Booth is driving a genuine British Mini and not the much larger BMW-built Mini.
Not sure what this is in the background - the livery suggests a Sullivan buses 'decker, but Dean Sullivan couldn't definitely confirm it....
Stereotypical views of London are punctuated by Mercedes Citaro artics; a few years before these would have been Routemasters:
....however this London General RML does appear:
Wright-bodied doubledeckers are also seen, these are from Arriva London and CT Plus:
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