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Bread (BBC sitcom, 1986-91)

Long running comedy about a Liverpool family trying to make ends meet.

Episode 4.14: The 1988 Christmas special features a trip to Italy and a Mercedes minibus:
Episode 6.3: Shifty Boswell, played by Bryan Murray, learns to drive a bus. The training bus used is North Western 932 (FCD295D), a former Southdown 'Queen Mary' Leyland Titan PD3/4 with Northern Counties body new in 1966.
Episode 6.4: Unfortunately for Shifty, once he qualifies as a driver, he gets carried away and takes his bus and passengers on an impromptu shopping expedition. (Thanks John Hammond) The bus in question is North Western 637 (F637BKD), a coach seated Dennis Dominator/East Lancs new in 1989.
Paul Curtis adds "I was a bus driver at North Western's Aintree depot when that episode was filmed. The makers were looking for a driver who looked similar to the actor who played 'Shifty'. It was between me and another driver, unfortunately it wasn't me. By the way, the episode was filmed on a Sunday on the M57, and the driver received a copy of the script, signed by the cast members."
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