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Brum (BBC children's series, 1992-2003)
Adventures of a tiny car who lives at the Cotswold Motor Museum in Bourton on the Water.....
......but unaccountably would rather go to Birmingham and have fun.
An episode about a lost drummer boy has footage of a host of West Midlands MCW Metrobus IIs at Birmingham's Washwood Heath garage:
Star of the show is 2993 (F993XOF) used to transport the Rubery Marching Band, whose driver embarks on an offroad adventure that takes the bus under a flyover and across a park:
One programme featured a Wolverhampton-based MCW Metrobus II of Travel West Midlands (thanks Tony Hunter)
A later episode includes footage of Travel West Midlands 701 (S701YOL), an Optare Excel.
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