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Bulman (Granada TV private eye drama series, 1985-7)

Don Henderson reprised the role of George Bulman, first seen in The XYY Man, and later in Strangers. By now Bulman has resigned from the police force and works as a private investigator, ably assisted by the equally quirky Lucy McGinty, played by Siobhan Redmond.

Episode 1.02:
George Bulman hops off London Transport AEC Routemaster RM1771 (771DYE):
A real find - a Royal Mail postbus, Dodge Spacevan WRN23Y, described as being on the Isle of Lewis, but confirmation would be welcome:
Episode 1.07:
Again Bulman is travelling by Routemaster, but we don't see more than this:
Episode 1.08:
Greater Manchester PTE 120 (HNE650N), a 1975 Leyland-National, stopping to let passengers off:
Episode 2.02:
Behind Lucy McGinty (Siobhan Redmond) is a distant sightseeing bus, but it's not until she steps aside that we see the London Transport Leyland-National directly behind her:
Episode 2.03
This London Transport Routemaster passes too closely to identify:
Episode 2.05
Several London Transport buses seen in the background of this sequence, including Leyland Olympians and a Routemaster:
...but also an OV class Optare City Pacer - or at least its roof:
Episode 2.07
M class MCW Metrobuses and a Routemaster:
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