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The Bill (Thames police soap opera, 1984-2010)

Has had various London buses in the background of the initial title sequence.

"If I recall there was a Dockland Clipper red/white liveried LS class Leyland-National for many years; this was replaced
by a Routemaster (unknown) and later a Stagecoach London Leyland Titan which featured in two versions of the titles, one in daylight and one (for stories set at night) in the dark (same bus it looked like!)" (thanks John Upton)

Viewing the opening credits reveals said Docklands Clipper Leyland-National in the 1980s credits:
....also an AEC Routemaster with a Metrobus behind in the 1990s credits:
Episode 85: Features London Buses MD99 (OUC99R, a Scania Netropolitan/MCW)
and a passing London and Country Leyland Olympian:
"A recent [2003] episode featured the hijacking of MCW Metrobus J37CUW by armed youths. The bus was on route 83 to 'Canley Town Hall'." (thanks Stephen Osman) Dean Sullivan of Sullivan Buses posted on the London Bus newsgroup: "Some of you may have noticed the clip at the end of last night's episode of 'The Bill' featuring a London bus. To save any guess work it was our Metrobus M842 [OJD842Y]. Tonight's episode will feature M842 in more detail as youths take control of the bus. To protect our name the logos were covered up and the registration plates changed [to a probably fake 'J37 CUW'] for some shots. Most of the filming was done over a week in an industrial estate near Bow. The shots with a young lad driving were taken on a low loader. I might not agree with the story line, but as the film company say 'It's only Drama'"
Other Sullivan Buses buses to have appeared in 'The Bill' as chronicled in Buses Magazine, August 2007 are:

DN2 (DN02SUL)and DN4 (CN02SUL) Dennis Dart/Caetano
DN5 (DN03SUL) Transbus Dart/Caetano
VPL172 (I guess this is a reference to VPL174 (X157JOP), a Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President)
T889 and T914 (A889,914SYE) Leyland Titans

Episodes 662 and 663 feature Sullivan Buses VPL174 (X157JOP) and ELV1 (EL04SUL), Volvo B7TL/East Lancs (thanks Dean Sullivan).

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