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Cab Driver (BBC documentary, 2008)
The third Arena documentary by Zimena Percival related to transport in London looks at the working life of London cabbies. Of course buses feature from time to time, like this DW-class Arriva London VDL DB250/Wright on route 137 being passed by a potential cabbie learning 'The Knowledge'.
.........also an Arriva London DLA-class DAF DB250/Alexander:
Archive footage includes this horsebus free for all:
....and glimpses of RT761 (JXC124), an unidentified RTL, and RTL1218 (LYF159):
A striking colour view of Piccadilly Circus has RTs with and without roofboxes:
RTL554 (KGU4) is seen in traffic:
Lunchtime traffic features an Alexander Dennis Dart on route 100 and a host of Stagecoach 'deckers crossing the screen:
Sequences taken from the feature film "Three Hats for Lisa" follow, and we see this early AEC Reliance/Duple leaving Heathrow Airport:
...and this also appears to be an AEC Reliance:
...but we don't see much of this bus:
The 1961 launch of minicabs is illustrated by footage with BOAC AEC RFs in the background:
A night shot depicts this Leyland RTW on route 6...followed by a Metroline VPL-class Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President on route 68:
......and daylight glimpses of London General WVL63 (LF52ZTH), a Volvo B7TL/Wright, and Arriva London MA98 (BX55FUV), a Mercedes Citaro artic:
Finally there's a clip of a departing cab with what appears to be a Glasgow Corporation AEC Regent V
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