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Calendar (Yorkshire TV magazine show, 1968-)
Viewable at the Yorkshire Film Archive, the 8th March 1988 edition of Yorkshire TV's evening magazine show included a report on Optare, the bus builder that was created from the remains of Charles H Roe, based in Crossgates, Leeds.
The report opens with a view of Leeds Bus Station, featuring Bristol VRTs and Leyland Olympians:
Leeds traffic:
Back at Leeds Bus Station York-West Riding 15 (PWW708R), a Leyland Leopard/Alexander, turns away from the camera:
Our reporter addresses the camera aboard Yorkshire Rider 2011 (E211PWY), a 1987 Optare City Pacer:
Photographs of Charles Roe built buses follow, including Teeside Railless Traction 23, a Daimler CM/Roe new 1926, a Burnley Corporation AEC Regent and Grimsby-Cleethorpes 48 (AML663), an AEC Q/Roe new 1933:
Footage of bus assembly at the Crossgates works:
More recent Roe output included RLN236W, a Leyland-DAB artic supplied to British Airways at Heathrow Airport, but these views are followed by shots of derelict buses
A flyer for the Optare Starrider, this one in Yorkshire Rider livery:
Yorkshire Rider 2011 (E211PWY) appears again, this time with two vehicles in background from Yorkshire Traction, a Bristol VRTSL and a Leyland Olympian:
An artist's impression of the City Pacer:
Another City Pacer seen in action is Leeds City Council's O491 (D91MWU), which demonstrates its rear chairlift:
In the works we see a Starrider under construction alongside a yellow City Pacer, and more City Pacers lined up behind:
The report concludes with an unregistered Optare Intercity Pacer:
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