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Call the Midwife (BBC drama series, 2012- )

Started out as a nostalgic look back at the hardships of the East End of London in the late 1950s then morphed into soap opera with a new social issue every week, nevertheless this show entertains while it preaches and benefits from an excellent cast.

Episode 1.02
Daylight interior and exterior views of RT1431 (JXC194), a smart Cravens bodied AEC RT now preserved by Ensign Bus:
Episode 1.04
...and this time at night:
Episode 2.02
RT1431 is seen from another (unidentified) RT:
....but it's seen from both sides during the same sequence:
Episode 2.06
An interior shot only:
Episode 2.07
Slightly incongruous but not an anachronism is this distant passing AEC Routemaster:
Episode 3.02
A different RT; we don't see enough of it to be sure, but I would guess it's RT4421 (NXP775), another preserved in the Ensign Bus fleet, as this appears in later episodes:
Episode 3.05
Definitely RT4421 (NXP775), inside and out:
Episode 3.06
Something different, an excursion with the Scouts in CRN80, named 'Rosie' while with Cumbria Classic Coaches, but new in 1949 as Preston Corporation 75, a Leyland Tiger PS1/1 with East Lancs body. It's fully restored, but was distressed externally for shooting to depict an old and battered bus. The storyline is that old cliche the bus that breaks down on an excursion:
The interior looks pretty smart, though:
Episode 4.00 (Christmas Special)
Yet another Ensign Bus provided vehicle appears in two scenes, London Transport Green Line T499c (ELP223), a 1938 AEC Regal O662/Chiswick, firstly in daylight.....
.....then at night:
Episode 4.02
A starring role for RT4421:
Episode 4.09
RT4421 again in a Christmassy episode....
....which includes stock footage:
Episode 6.00 (Christmas Special)
The group travel to South Africa to help a struggling clinic. This Bedford J5 is not well seen:
Episode 6.01
RT4421 again:
Episode 7.05
A coach outing from Poplar to Epping Forest improbably uses Southdown 1722 (2722CD), a 1961 Leyland Leopard L2T with Harrington Cavalier coachwork:
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