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Casualty (BBC hospital drama, 1986-)
Opening credits feature First Bristol 9887 (S667AAE) a Northern Counties Palatine 2 (noted by David Canary on the ukpsv discussion group) Also featured a blue and white Dodge minibus in one episode. (thanks Adam Floyd)
"Coaches have appeared on occasions, I remember an elderly (1970's) white coach (did it crash? being elderly 'n'all!), First Bristol (First Holby?) Merc minis take staff to work." (thanks Ewood Eddie)
"A recent episode featured a motorway pile-up, which included a school party on board an unidentified LDV minibus. A similar episode, involving a minibus crash, was screened some time ago and featured blue and white Sherpa E169 YDT, last owned by Gilbert's of Rhyl." (thanks Adam Floyd)
Howard Berry notes from his time working for Wessex Coaches at Bristol: "All the dot matrix destination fitted coaches had Holby as a destination, as 'Casualty' required coaches on a fairly regular basis. This involved sitting around all day waiting for the coach to be used in shot, but to my knowledge we were never actually seen on screen." Paul Jones notes an episode featuring a bus crash with ex First Hampshire and Dorset Leyland Atlantean YRV256V displaying 'Wyvern' fleet names. This East Lancs-bodied AN68/1R was new to Southampton City Transport.
In a 2006 episode: "Lady driver driving a Leyland Olympian/Roe, in white with 'Holby Line' as fleetname; anyway she is distracted by rowdy kids whilst trying to use a mobile phone (naughty!) driving through roadworks. To avoid a car, the bus is driven over a pile of earth, obviously with a concealed ramp, as the bus flips onto its side and hits the ground sideways. This shot was filmed from 3 different angles, and the bus involved was registered F396PAY."
This was a reregistration; the bus had originally been A957THW, First Bristol 34557, new to Bristol as 9557. (thanks to Steve Floyd, who also provided these screen captures, and to the discussion on uk-bus-fleetnews)
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