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Catweazle (LWT children's comedy drama series, 1970-1)
Episode 5: The Eye of Time
In this episode broadcast in March 1970, Aldershot and District AEC Reliance 551 (MOR 592) pulls up at a London Transport stop. A sharp-eyed Ashley Hoare explains:
"It was only on the screen for about 15 seconds.   Edward 'Carrot' (Robin Davies) and Catweazle (Geoffrey Bayldon) cross the road when the bus is coming down the road. There is a woman at the Bus Stop (Betty Woolfe) and they all get on the bus, It can be clearly seen that there are a driver and conductor on the bus in summer uniforms (filmed in the long hot summer of 1969).
The rebodied AEC Reliance 551 (MOR 592) was filmed mainly in the Tilford (Farnham) area, the vehicle being loaned on Private Hire.
On the DVD release there are some PDF files of Richard Carpenter's original scripts, and from this it can be seen that this scene with the bus was a bit longer, scene 520 was cut.
CARROT: That's the whole Idea! Here comes the bus.
CATWEAZLE: What is 'the bus'?
The WOMAN looks at CATWEAZLE again and moves a little further away. We see the bus approach. CATWEAZLE sticks his fingers in his ears. The WOMAN looks at him again convinced that he is a madman. The bus stops and the WOMAN gets in ahead of CARROT and CATWEAZLE -
CARROT: Get in. CARROT pushes CATWEAZLE who stumbles up the steps of the bus.
520 INT.   BUS.   DAY.
To stop himself falling, CATWEAZLE grabs at the WOMAN. She screams and runs to a seat. CATWEAZLE regains his balance and stands in the middle of the bus, uncertain as what to do next. The people in the bus stare at him. CARROT gets into the bus in the rear of shot. He looks anxiously towards CATWEAZLE. The CONDUCTOR rings the bell behind CATWEAZLE who, hearing this strange noise, turns round to face it. At this moment the bus pulls away rather suddenly and CATWEAZLE loses his balance and falls to the floor of the bus. CARROT looks at the BUS CONDUCTOR, and shrugs sheepishly.
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