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Challenge Anneka (BBC game show of sorts, 1987-95)
Duncan Bingham recalls "a Challenge Anneka episode (circa July 1989?) where she had to convert (I think) 10 double deckers into playbuses for the National Playbus Association. One was Trent Bristol VRTSL2/Eastern Coachworks 763 (RRC763L), whilst I think another was Busways Leyland Atlantean 592 (RCU 592S)."
Chris Wilcock reports another was an ex Greater Manchester Leyland Atlantean from the ONFxxxR batch. Noel Baxendale
identifies this as 7676 (ONF676R), a 1976 AN68A/1R with Northern Counties bodywork. Noel notes it as subsequently going to Mobile Promotions Ltd of Bristol and Howgill Community Association of Whitehaven.
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