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Charles Endell, Esq. (Scottish TV Drama, 1979-80)
Ian Cuthbertson reprised his role as Glaswegian gangster Charlie Endell from Budgie in this shortlived (six episodes) series.

Episode 1.01: Glasgow Belongs To Me:
Out of jail, Charlie returns to his home town. In background we see two Bristol Lodekka FLFs. The front one at least is one of the FLFs exchanged by the National Bus Company for Scottish Bus Group Bristol VRTs in 1974. This one has retained its NBC style destination screen. Following discussion on the BoS Facebook page, the conclusion is that this is a Western Scottish vehicle ex United Automobile (thanks Ed Linton):
Episode 1.06: If You Can't Join 'Em Beat 'Em:
An anonymous Plaxton Supreme coach:
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