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The Chinese Detective (BBC police series, 1981-2)
Episode 1.1: Release
In this East London-set series, a scene walking down a London street has two Park Royal-bodied DMS-class Daimler Fleetlines passing, both based at Poplar garage. The first is 1976-built DMS2116 (KJD116P) on route 54; the second is one of the first batch, 1970-built DMS13 (EGP13J), on route 277:
A third Fleetline can't be identified:
Episode 1.4: Income Tax
Leon Daniels recalls working on a bus crash scene using an AEC Regent III RT. Chris Hough adds: "The main character, John Ho, a detective in the Metropolitan Police played by David Yip crashes into the RT. Later he is carpeted by his boss (later to become Charlie Slater in Eastenders) for hitting a Routemaster bus. At this point Ho corrects his boss by telling him it was in fact an RT. The series aired some years after the last RT ran!" The bus driver is played by another former Eastenders stalwart, Arthur Treacher. Mike Lloyd confirms the RT as RT1784 (KYY622):
In the aftermath there's a scene at a London Transport bus garage, with a number of DMS Daimler Fleetlines and BL-class Bristol LH6Ls. From the buses identifiable, I believe this is Turnham Green garage, as all were in store there at the time of filming: BL52 (OJD52R) and DMS1637 (THM637M), plus an unidentified DMS:
BL67 (OJD67R), and an unidentified BL from the KJDP batch:
DMS2449 (OJD449R), BL54 (OJD54R) and an unidentified BL:
Episode 1.5: Washing
A glimpse of a passing AEC Routemaster:
Episode 1.6: Ice and Dust
An aerial view of a DMS Daimler Fleetline:
Episode 2.4: Tapdancer
A glimpse of a London Transport standard AEC Routemaster:
Episode 2.5: Bounty Hunter
'Doc Halliday', played by Maurice Roƫves, arrives in London by coach, which allows for some views of Victoria Coach Station. The coach is Western Scottish V129 (GGE129X), a Duple Dominant III bodied Volvo B10M:
Also seen are an East Kent Road Car AEC Reliance/Duple Dominant and a similarly bodied Maidstone and District Leyland Leopard PSU3C from the 4120-4125 batch (OKE_P). The latter is parked alongside Southdown 1307 (ANJ307T), a Plaxton Supreme bodied Leyland Leopard PSU3E, and what appears to be a Maidstone and District bus-bodied Leopard arrives behind:
An Alder Valley Leopard/Plaxton is seen in Londonlink livery, apparently 502 (WJM816T), and an older Midland Red Leopard crosses in the foreground as V129 arrives. I had this as Plaxton-bodied, but Howard Berry has a correction - "Contrary to the description of a Plaxton bodied Leopard, it is in fact a Duple Viceroy bodied Leyland Leopard with a Plaxton Elite lower front grafted on to it - fleet no 2251 (LRF220F) and acquired from Harper Bros of Heath Hayes.":
Another Southdown Leopard is glimpsed behind a taxi; this one is dual purpose liveried 1286 (RYJ886R), a PSU3E/Duple.
Later a German Mercedes of Jasper Reisen is seen in traffic:
Episode 2.6: Chorale
Seen as a character leaves a telephone box is the rear of a London Transport Bristol LH:
Episode 2.8: Secret State
In the background of a scene in a multistorey car park is what appears to be an East Kent Road Car AEC Regent V:
Later two Routemasters pass:
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