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Choices For Tomorrow (BBC opinion series, 1975)
Series of ten programmes on environmental issues.

Programme 7: Cars Without Chaos:
Transport and land use analyst Terence Bendixson looks at some of the solutions to traffic problems implemented in Oxford.
Seen in the High in Oxford are two 1970 Oxford-South Midland Daimler Fleetlines/Northern Counties from the 383-96 batch, one in National Bus Company red livery, the other in the pre-NBC red and green livery. These buses like all Fleetlines bought new were notable as extra low height dual door vehicles capable of passing under Oxford Station Bridge as it was at the time:
There are glimpses of an AEC Renown/Park Royal, a 1972 Daimler Fleetline/Alexander from the 397-416 batch, one of 25 Ford R1014/Willowbrook new in 1973, and a Bristol RELH/Eastern Coachworks:
Cyclists are followed by Oxford-South Midland 389 (MJO389H), a Daimler Fleetline/Northern Counties, which itself is followed by a Plaxton bodied coach in NBC white livery:
Another Northern Counties Fleetline, this time a Leyland-engined example from the 1972 417-30 batch, passes in front of a waiting Ford R1014/Willowbrook:
Two more from the same batch are seen in Cornmarket Street, and another Ford turns by the Martyr's Memorial:
An AEC Renown/Park Royal still in red and green livery passes a parked bicycle:
Bendixson arrives by car at the Park and Ride site south of Oxford now known as Redbridge. Behind him can be seen a 1963 Daimler Fleetline /Alexander, one of a number of full-height Fleetlines acquired by Oxford from Midland Red. It's followed by one of the few surviving Marshall-bodied AEC Reliances in the fleet. Note the fares:
The bus performing Park and Ride duties is 107 (NUD107L), one of nine Bristol VRTSL2/Eastern Coachworks semicoaches originally bought to operate the Oxford-London route:
There's nice footage of 371 (FWL371E), numerically the last of four Northern Counties AEC Renowns, and the last Renown built, as it passes Daimler Fleetline/Alexander 411 (TFC411K) in Queen Street. 371 is now preserved, in neither of the liveries seen here but in the traditional tri-colour livery:
Also seen is another VRTSL2 semicoach, 102 (NUD102L) on route 20B:
There follows a sequence looking at Ford Transit/Dormobile 102 (YFC102K) operating the Carterton Dial a Ride service.
This work takes 102 to nearby RAF Brize Norton, where we see one of the 1966 batch of AEC Renowns/Park Royal and two RAF buses, also a Plaxton bodied coach:
Two Renowns cross Magdalen Bridge:
Bendixson delivers his final remarks standing on Magdalen Bridge while a Bristol RELH/Eastern Coachworks passes. He climbs on his bicycle and rides over the bridge towards town. He's overtaken by another dual door Fleetline/Northern Counties. Note the fairing in over the engine; this is how the batch was delivered, but these fairings were later removed to give the 'bustle' effect seen above:
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