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ChuckleVision (BBC childrens comedy series, 1987-2009)
Episode 03.01: Stand and Deliver:
The Chuckle Brothers are waiting for a bus. First a North Western Leyland Atlantean/Eastern Coachworks passes on the wrong side of the road:
A Merseybus Leyland Olympian passes without stopping.......
...and another.....
....and another....
......or at least, I think it's fair to say that the same bus is driven past three times!

Episode 05.15: Minibus Madness
The Chuckle Brothers run a bus service, using an Optare StarRider bodied Mercedes 811D, E467VNT, new to Boulton of Shropshire, in whose livery it's seen here. When they discover it it's looking very tired, but after a brisk wash it looks very smart:
Much hilarious horseplay ensues,with plenty of footage inside and outside the bus:

Episode 08.08: Lottery Lunacy
"During the mid/late 1990s an episode of the Chuckle Brothers was filmed in the city of Worcester which featured the two main characters trying to choose their lottery numbers. At one point they decide to stand at a bus stop and use the service number of the next bus to come along. Unfortunately the next bus has 'Sorry - Not in Service' on the blind so they're forced to look elsewhere. The scene was filmed in the St Johns area of Worcester (Comer Road I think) which was served by Midland Red West's (now First Midland Red) fleet of ageing Mercedes 608D minibuses. At the time these vehicles were very tatty and near the end of their service life and Midland Red West obviously didn't want them shown on television, so a new Dennis Lance/Plaxton Verde was used instead. For filming the Lance was driven by Mr Robert Thorn who was, and still is, head of MRW's driving school at Worcester depot. It was one of the batch with registration numbers M2xxMRW that were new to Worcester depot in mid-1995, but I do not remember which one. Also, the bus stop used had the normal Midland Red West plate removed and replaced with a simple black & white item which was clearly designed to be easy for children to understand." (thanks Adam Harber)
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