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Citizen Smith (BBC sitcom, 1977-80)
Opening credits of this classic John Sullivan-written sitcom feature a London Transport RML class AEC Routemaster:
Episode 2.04: Working Class Hero
Incompetent Tooting anarchist Wolfie Smith (played by Robert Lindsay) is ejected from Routemaster RM890 (WLT890) for not paying his fare. (thanks Alan Sinclair) When he boards it has route 77 to Euston wound up on the front, with AL (Merton) depot plate:
A DMS Daimler Fleetline is glimpsed behind:
When he's thrown off there's no depot plate on the nearside and '77 Kings Cross' is displayed on the back:
Episode 3.03: Only Fool and Horses
The title prefigures Sullivan's later and better-known sitcom with David Jason. There's a cameo role here for preserved London Transport RTL68 (JXN391), a Leyland Titan with a roofbox body. At the time DMS Fleetlines were the order of the day on route 154:
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