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City Lights (BBC comedy series, 1984-91)
Wry sitcom based in Glasgow.
Episode 3.03: I'm Willie, Fly Me:
A very tired-looking Bedford OB/Duple SS7501 is used on a shady sightseeing tour of Glasgow. At one point it passes a Kelvin Scottish MCW Metrobus/Alexander, while a Western Scottish Daimler Fleetline can be seen in the distance:
Episode 6.03: Unhealthy Competition:
Scenes boarding Kelvin Central 1943 (LDS317A), an AEC Routemaster new in 1960as RM367 (WLT367) which had come to Kelvin Central via Clydeside Scottish and Western Scottish, while a Strathclyde Volvo Ailsa passes in background:
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