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Columbo (Universal crime series, 1971-2003)
Episode: Dagger of the Mind
Set in London. Noel Baxendale observes, "The external scenes are a mixture of genuine London locations and Hollywood backlot with a red halfcab that certainly isn't from London. It may be the same one that appears in a McCloud episode in another (non) London street scene." (that episode would it seems be 7.5: 'London Bridges') Screen captures reveal it as a real find, an ex-Midland Red BMMO D7. Colin Read notes "Two BMMO (Midland Red) D7s 4110 and 4111 were sold to Universal Studios in the mid-60s." - sadly the registration isn't clear enough to read, and if the other vehicles are any indication it could anyway be fake. The route number is X69, and the BMMO radiator badge can clearly be seen.
The London scenes portray red AEC Routemasters going about their business, also two orange/white BEA coaches linking Central London with Heathrow Airport. One's a front entrance Routemaster, the other's an AEC Regal IV:
An introductory shot at Heathrow somewhat clumsily includes this AEC RT:
Coaches glimpsed include this Plaxton-bodied AEC Reliance, and an older Plaxton coach, also a white Duple-bodied coach and what appears to be a European left hand drive coach:
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