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Coronation Street (Granada TV soap opera (1960-)
In 'Weatherfield Wayfarer' livery, Renault/Alexander E275BRG, new to Go-Ahead Northern but latterly Red and White 30 appeared. "I recall that it was acquired specifically by Granada Studios for this purpose." - noted by Ian Kirby on uk-bus-fleetnews discussion group.
Ex-London Transport AEC Routemaster/Park Royal RM1414 (414CLT) was supplied by the Museum of Transport, Manchester. (thanks Bob Wingrove) Other appearances have included a Greater Manchester Buses Renault/Northern Counties, a Stagecoach Manchester Mercedes Vario and a Dennis's Mercedes minibus.
The episode Monday 26 November 2001 featured Dennis, Dukinfield Mercedes 709D/Plaxton M728 MBU. Thursday 13 Dec 2001 featured Arriva Manchester Mercedes 709D/Alexander Belfast M366 KVR. (thanks Graeme Selway). Graeme also recalls an episode probably around 1999/2000 "with scenes that were supposedly set in Liverpool. All very well, except for the Stagecoach liveried Olympians visible in the background - Liverpool, of course, being one of the biggest Stagecoach-free zones in the country! No doubt, all expense was spared and the scenes were (I guess) filmed in Manchester."
Mike Lloyd notes another appearance by the 'Weatherfield Wayfarer' Renault/Alexander E275BRG in April 2003. Meantime Bob Wingrove reminds me of the episode (broadcast 8 December 1989) in which Alan Bradley catches up with Rita Fairclough in Blackpool. The climax of the scene has him saying 'I'm taking you back to Weatherfield' just as he is hit by a Blackpool tram! The tram is confirmed by both Graeme Selway and Stephen Osman as Balloon car 710.
Stephen also adds: "During the animated introductions for Coronation Street (advertising Cadbury's), one scene eatures a character called Graham playing a saxophone (badly). Through the window behind him, a double decker bus (also animated and carrying Cadbury advertising) is seen passing."
Martin notes GM Buses Dodge S56 1889 has appeared.
In October 1969 a trip to the Lake District ends in disaster, as reported by Bob Wingrove, who supplied the screencaps. "The vehicle in question (LXJ574G) is a Bedford VAL with Plaxton body, but there are also shots of an older VAL (note the VAL badge on the side - that was only used the first year of Plaxton Panorama production) and it's the one that can be seen behind the 2 blokes.
The aerial shot shows the same coach and to the top left shows what looks like a Plaxton Bedford SB. and another Plaxton coach in the garage.
The last shot is almost the closing one of the episode taken from below the coach with glass falling on the camera. The cause was the steering being changed and not being tightened up!"      Bob adds: "Apparently Granada had decided to go over to colour production and to launch it on 'Coronation Street' with a riot of colour, so the scripts were hastily changed to incorporate some lovely scenery from the Granada area. Hence the to trip to the lakes..... But like always the colour film stock didn't arrive in time so it had to be shot in black and white. The very first colour 'Coronation Street' was the next episode, and the first colour shots were of Hilda Ogden in hospital. The colour wasn't even for the entire episode but came in half way.....(it explains why the colour suddenly bursts on the screen in that episode!)"
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