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Countryfile (BBC1 rural current affairs show 1988-)
One edition had reporter Ben Fogle taking a trip out on Southern Vectis route 42 on the Isle of Wight, culminating in a visit to Alum Bay. Star of the show was orange-liveried open-top Bristol VRTSL/Eastern Coachworks 682 (VDL744, formerly FDL682V), although another VRT may have been featured, and two red-liveried Olympians also appeared briefly.
This was the third report in a series by Ben Fogle. In the first he travelled by open-topper from Brighton to Devil's Dyke, and in the second he took the circular open-top tour from Penzance in Cornwall. Did anyone see either of these?
A Spring 2011 report by veteran reporter John Craven looked at the threat of Government cuts to rural bus services. He travelled on Country Bus of Newton Abbott Y785WHH, a Mercedes Vario O814D/Plaxton new to Reays of Wigton:
Notably the report also featured a similar report Craven filmed for the BBC 'Nationwide' magazine programme in 1971, which showed him travelling on Western National 1765, a 1955 Bristol LS6G/Eastern Coachworks. Also filmed was a Bristol Omnibus Bristol SUS4A/Eastern Coachworks from the batch 300-2 (861-3RAE)
In the same show, coverage is given to a group of young surfers and their problems getting transport to the beach. They're turned away from Stagecoach in Devon's Optare Versa 25258 (WA09KWP), and the father of one of the group explains his plans for a dedicated bus:
A show broadcast on 22 January 2012 features this Bedford SB/Duple Vega in the Wye Valley, but lacking a registration plate to identify it. John Wakefield spotted it and tracked down its identity: "ULG795, a Bedford SBG new to Yates, Runcorn in 1955, converted to a caravan in 1973. Was reregistered in 1986 to Q886FAD"
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