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Crimewatch (BBC crime reconstruction series, 1984-)
"The edition of 28 March 2002 included a reconstruction which involved London United Dennis Dart/Plaxton T424 KAG.
Seeing this, I was reminded that a couple of years ago another reconstruction featured Brighton and Hove's well-known preserved Bristol K HAP895."

A June 2002 programme had a reconstruction featuring London route 36. "I think that this was actually a repeat from a show fromlast autumn, but anyway, as it was route 36, there were shots of London Central Routemasters. RM928 and RM967 were both identifiable."

"'Crimewatch' (26 February 2003) had a couple of
reconstructions featuring buses - one had London United W127EON and N131YRW, which was edited so that it suggested one bus on one journey... oops! Another reconstruction featured London General PVL266 (PN02 XBP), a Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL."

A reconstruction screened in July 2003 featured Arriva London North VLW131 (LJ03MHA), a Volvo B7TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini.

(all these thanks to Graeme Selway)
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