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Daisies in December (HTV drama, 1995)
Roger Wortley asks "Many Christmases ago, one of the TV channels started showing a sad film called 'Daisies in December'....A young couple decide to dump off the boy's father at Christmas at a hotel in Cornwall, so that they can have some peace. The father, being a bit like Victor Meldrew, causes mayhem as you can imagine. Eventually, he befriends a lady who is dying, and they spend a lot of time in a Shearings coach on days out. I managed to record this film last Christmas, and all the scenes with Shearings coaches were edited out, and there was one shot at the end, of a Wallace Arnold coach. Have you come across this? Made in 1995, the film starred Joss Ackland and Jean Simmonds, but I can tell you no more!"
Norman Johnstone adds "My wife and myself were on holiday in St Ives in Cornwall when the film was being made. We watched the filming taking place at the lifeboat station at St Ives, and the hotel was we think the Tregarron Hotel at Carbis Bay just outside St Ives. We didn't see any Shearings coaches during filming. Although Shearings own a hotel in St Ives the filming wasn't done there. As regards the Wallace Arnold coach we certainly didn't see any coach during filming."
Allan Haynes adds: "Made by HTV, presumably working out of their Bristol studio - I think Cardiff only did Welsh language drama - the hotel was the Tregenna Castle. One of the other locations was St. Michael's Mount. Today Shearings and Wallace Arnold are one company, though the Wally's part of the name has been abandoned from the 2008 season, but in 1995 they were deadly rivals." Bob Bell supplied these screen captures, and notes: "I have the complete film (without edits) and there are no Shearings-badged coaches... only the single Wallace-Arnold coach."
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