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Danger Man AKA Secret Agent (ATV thriller series, 1964-6)
Second incarnation of this thriller series:

Season 1 Episode 3: Colony Three

Opening features a London Transport AEC Routemaster/Park Royal seen from behind, being followed by John Drake in a car. (thanks Bob Wingrove)

Ian Williamson comments: "I had a recollection of an episode being filmed in my home town of Hatfield featuring an RT from the local garage. A visit to the Danger-Man.co.uk website revealed that the episode is 'Colony Three' from series 2 in 1964, filmed both in North London and South Hatfield (as the then New Town area was generally known)......The driver was a family friend, Joe McKie and I think is seen in some scenes looking suitably inscrutable. Joe was a stalwart of the Birchwood Methodist Church and arranged a Sunday school outing to Ruislip Lido by RT - it would be nice to think that possibly the same vehicle was used - from Sunday school kids to secret agents!"

Mike Lloyd observes "I used to see this at a friend's house in late 1964-1965 and buses featured in more than one episode. One I recall very clearly had Patrick McGoohan chasing another bus, this was Red Rover (Aylesbury) HLW 175" (ex London Transport RT188 - AEC RT/Weymann)
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