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The Dick Emery Show (BBC comedy show, 1963-81)
"A 1976 edition of the Dick Emery show featured two shots of a London Country RML in National green livery with the destination 'Staines'. In one of the shots the bus entered a depot. Could this have been filmed at Staines LCBS depot? The scenes featured Dick Emery's inept group of undertakers trying to load a coffin onto the RML." (thanks Alan Sinclair)
The comic often appeared as multiple characters in the same sketch, and the sketch mentioned by Alan is a good example: a wedding gets tangled up with a funeral. Featured twice as described is a London Country AEC Routemaster, an RML from the JJDxxxD batch. This footage is too blurred to identify it definitively, but the same bus is used to transport first the bride and then the coffin. In these screencaps only two Emery characters appear, the first conductor and then the undertaker. Note the upside down cap badge:
The bride is still aboard when the bus turns into the garage. There are at least three other Routemasters inside.
The same RML arrives at a different bus stop with a different conductor; this time it collects a coffin, the undertaker and the pallbearers:

A different sketch showing a group of undertakers on holiday in Blackpool has several views of Blackpool trams, including 798 (or 758) and a glimpse of a Blackpool Corporation Leyland Titan.
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