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Eastenders (BBC soap opera, 1985-)

Hugh Padden notes numerous appearances by AEC Routemaster RM70 (VLT70)

Stagecoach East London AEC Routemaster/Park Royal RM1527 (527CLT) has regularly featured. When the show went on location in Brighton and Portsmouth in 2001, Graeme Selway noted a Stagecoach Coastline Volvo Olympian/Alexander.

Also a regular for a spell was a Ford Transit Hoppa.

A 1999 episode filmed in Nottingham featured a South Notts Leyland Olympian, and Nottingham Optare Solo T295 BNN.

There was an appearance in March 2002 by former London United DT4 (G504VYE), a Duple-bodied Dennis Dart that has become a regular TV star with Sullivan Buses, also Stagecoach London RML2616 (NML 616E), a long AEC Routemaster/Park Royal. (thanks Graeme Selway)

An April 2002 episode featuring the departure of the character Melanie Owen again featured a Stagecoach London RML, probably RML2616 again (?). At the end of the episode Melanie is seen at Victoria Coach Station. Several National Express liveried coaches are seen, including a Setra S250, R303EEX.

There was a report on the episode in the BBC's 'Breakfast' show that morning, which included more footage of several coaches at Victoria Coach Station. (thanks Denise Annells).
Allan Haynes observes: "R303EEX belongs to R W Chenery of Dickleborough near Diss in Norfolk. It is on the 490 contracted route to Norwich, plus one journey a day to Great Yarmouth. With its brother R33EEX and an older one it served this route continuously for many years. They have now been replaced by Volvo B12R/Jonkheeres (?) but may still be in use on Chenerys' other work."

Episodes on Tuesday 7th May and Friday 10th May 2002 included shots of Stagecoach London AEC Routemaster/Park Royal RML890 (registration currently XFF 814, originally WLT890). (thanks Graeme Selway)

A sharp-eyed Graeme Selway also noted a Sullivan Buses Dennis Dart/Caetano in a September 2002 episode, and the
return of Stagecoach London RML2616 (NML 616E), a long AEC Routemaster/Park Royal, in a long tracking shot, 14 October 2002.

The 29 April 2003 episode "had Laura Beale and Pat Butcher riding on an unrefurbished Routemaster. Internal and external footage was shown, but the bus wasn't identifiable and nor did it appear to carry fleetnames. I suspect that this was probably RM1069 of Sullivans." (thanks Graeme Selway)

An episode first broadcast on 3 October 2003 prominently featured Sullivan Buses DN3 (SC02SUL), a Dennis Dart SLF/Caetano Nimbus, on service 15 to Stepney.

One of two major storylines for Christmas 2003 concerned most of the youngsters in Albert Square travelling to Scotland in a white Ford Transit minibus K702UKO - and crashing.

March 2004: Nana Moon goes on holiday to Eastbourne by coach, but apart from some interior scenes, all we
see is an all-white rear view disappearing in the distance! The scene in which she returns is just as disappointing.

Pat and Mo, an April 2004 one-off special featuring two of the characters includes another appearance by Sullivan Buses DN3 (SC02 SUL), a Dennis Dart SLF/Caetano Nimbus,on route 15 to Stepney.

A September 2005 episode was set in France. Chris Hough reports a Renault PR100 artic in the background, with a cream lower body and light blue roof but no fleetname.   A later sequence in the same episode showed two of the Eastenders regulars boarding a left hand drive bus, but only the interior was shown.

In March 2007 a seaside scene reported by Gelenkgus included a two-door minibus. Chris Hough speculates this may have been an Iveco of the type used by Transit Holdings in the Portsmouth/Southsea area, many of which later passed to First Group.

More Sullivan Buses buses noted as appearing in Eastenders in an article in Buses Magazine August 2007 were: DN2 (DN02SUL)and DN4 (CN02SUL) Dennis Dart/Caetano

DN5 (DN03SUL), DN6 (DS03SUL) and DN7 (LT03SUL) Transbus Dart/Caetano, T914 (A914SYE), Leyland Titan.

Also noted as appearing was former London General M197 (BYX197V), a Metrobus provided by Actionbus.

A 2008 wedding proposal by the character Minty (filmed at Elstree) involved a further appearance by Sullivan Buses DN4 (CN02SUL), Dennis Dart/Caetano (thanks Dean Sullivan).

A 29 January 2009 episode featured Carousel Buses RK07BNF, a smart Plaxton Primo.

This view, from 23 December 2012, shows Carousel 751 (YN07HNO), a 2011 Plaxton Primo:
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