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Emmerdale (Yorkshire TV soap opera, 1972-)
First Bradford 2272, a Mercedes 709D/Plaxton Beaver appeared in an episode in March 2001. Various First Bradford Mercedes have appeared, including similar 2264 and 2282, also Optare Solos

A Ford Transit minibus belonging to (fictional) Tate Transport crashed in one storyline. any more information? More recently Harrogate and District 108 (L659MYG), a Mercedes 711/Plaxton Beaver, has appeared. (thanks Ralph Adams)

David Kat recalls "Emmerdale Farm, as it was many moons ago - I was in the traffic office of Wallace Arnold mid 1970s and the cast transport was very often a Bedford VAS/Plaxton but I am sure there was the odd Leopard just passing by."
In the same era, Alan Sinclair reports seeing a Bristol LH and a Leyland-National of West Yorkshire Road Car.

Alan also reports that in an episode shown a few years ago, "several of the residents went on a day trip in an East Yorkshire ex-London AEC Routemaster. One of the characters referred to this fine vehicle as 'a shed on wheels'. What a cheek!"

Stephen Osman notes "the bus currently used [June 2002] is a Harrogate & District Alexander Dash-bodied Volvo B6." and confirms the use of Harrogate and District 781 (M386VWX), a Volvo B6/Alexander Dash, in August 2002.
November 2003 appearances by Harrogate and District Dennis Dart MPD 705 (YG52GDO) and Volvo B6LE/Wright Crusader 642 (P642 UUG) were both noted by Stephen Osman.
"The episode aired on 20 December 2005 featured a Pennine Motor Services Dennis Dart fleet number D9 (P696HND), which came from Countryman of Ibstock. Both interior and exterior shots of the bus were seen." (thanks Chris Hough)
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