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Endeavour (Mammoth Screen-ITV crime drama, 2012-)

A poignant 1965-set prequel to the hugely successful Inspector Morse dramas, although it's perhaps a little too much in awe of the great man its central character becomes in later life. From a bus enthusiast's viewpoint Endeavour takes liberties - vehicles are not seen completely, and there is one glaring continuity error.

Episode 1.0 Pilot:
A little let down by its failure to feature City of Oxford buses; although it's great to see Reading Corporation 52 (CRD152C)on screen, this Neepsend bodied AEC Reliance looks awkward on route 7A to Woodstock (presumably a nod to the Morse episode 'Last Bus to Woodstock'. In 1965 Woodstock was served by routes 42 or 44 from Oxford, not 7A:
The other bus interest is provided by Western National's Royal Blue liveried 2270 (253KTA), a 1962 Bristol MW6G/Eastern Coachworks, and wonderful it looks sweeping into Oxford:
Episode 1.1 Girl:
Opens with an aerial view of City of Oxford 166 (PWL413, a 1951 lowbridge AEC Regent III/Weymann, leading what I guess is again Western National MW6G 2270, then a closer look:
Episode 2.1 Trove:
A cheerful 1960s street parade, but in the background can be seen passing an Oxford Bus Company ADL E400MMC in Brookes Bus livery from 50 years later:
Episode 3.1 Ride:
In the opening to this episode, things go a little haywire. We start with repeated footage of lowbridge City of Oxford 166 from Episode 1.01, but we then move to interior footage not of 166,but a smiling conductress aboard the upper deck of 371 (FWL371E), a 1967 AEC Renown with Northern Counties body, the last Renown built:
We also see exterior footage of 371 ostensibly broken down, followed by interior views of both upper and lower decks:

Episode 3.2 Arcadia:
More partial views, this time of Ellen Smith CDK448C, a superb 1965 Harrington Grenadier bodied Leyland Leopard:

Episode 3.3 Prey:
Frustrating footage, this time of Whittle Coaches PUJ781, a 1957 Burlingham Seagull bodied Leyland Tiger Cub:
Episode 3.4 Coda:
This time I believe this is Red and White OAX9F, a 1968 Bristol RELH6G/Eastern Coachworks:
I can be more certain this is KGN433, a 1949 Duple Vista bodied Bedford OB, which really was a police bus, but with the Metropolitan Police:
This partial shows registration DNM981C which appears to be fictional. I believe this is 1964 built ETC760B, a Bedford VAS2/Plaxton, but I'd welcome confirmation:
Episode 5.02 Cartouche:
Another outing for City of Oxford AEC Renown 371 (FWL371E):
Episode 5.03 Passenger:
Good interior and exterior footage of City of Oxford 956,(956AJO), a 1957 AEC Regent V/Park Royal highbridger:
Episode 6.01 Pylon:
Footage inside and out of Hants and Dorset 904 (FEL751D), a 1966 Bristol MW/Eastern Coachworks. Although the fleetname panels on the front have been blanked to disguise its identity, the programme makers neglected to remove the HD seat covers inside:
Episode 8.03 Terminus:
Wins a prize for inappropriate use of an AEC Routemaster. Several scenes are shot aboard Sullivan Buses RML2272 (CUV272C), a 1965 stretched example. Oddly it's turned out with two green stripes. I suppose it's intended as an approximation of the superb City of Oxford livery of the time (which it in no way resembles), but the effect more closely resembles Mayne of Manchester, who did operate rear entrance AEC Regent Vs.
This appears to be a second Routemaster in the same livery, with the fake registration AUV364:
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