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Evel Live (History Channel event, 2018)
In July 2018 motorsports competitor and stuntman Travis Pastrana recreated three of the legendary Evel Knievel's motorcycle stunts in Las Vegas. The middle of these was a jump over a row of buses. The original stunt was at Wembley in 1975, and included a row of 13 London Transport Merlins or Swifts:
This recreation used Greyhound Prevosts and was part of a three hour live presentation by the History Channel:
Identifiable from the footage are 13 of the 16 motorcoaches used: 86700/7/9-11/14/5 86721/5/9 86733/41/52 All are 2018 Prevost X3-45:
86707 was used during preparation for the jump.
Pastrana posed with Greyhound 86063 (a 2009 Prevost X3-45) for publicity photographs, although this didn't appear in the show, and yes, in the event he made it all look rather easy:
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