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The Kenny Everett Television Show (BBC comedy series, 1981-8)
"Tim Hornby and I did a great interior scene with Kenny Everett for his show. There was a Chinese restaurant with diners, and a girl says to Kenny 'I think I'll have a number 19' (shorthand Chinese restaurant ordering), and we crash an RT with route 19 blinds through the wall, taking tables and chairs through it. Kenny then simply says, 'The trouble with a number 19 is that you always feel like another one' and we do it again!!
I well recall as we came through the wall one of us picked up a rogue real chair (not a balsa wood one), and as the RT radiator pushed the chair along it picked up a power cable, brought down some lights and the whole stage was blacked out with crashing props and lights falling amongst the cast!!
" (thanks Leon Daniels)
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