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The Expert (BBC drama series, 1968-76)
Colin Read reports "A Midland Red double-decker (possibly a D7) appeared in an episode of 'The Expert' on BBC TV, late 1960s. Believed to have been filmed around Leamington."

Allan Haynes can add some more: "I was sound assistant (boom op.) on the first series, in April 1968, and sound recordist on several later episodes. The series actually ran until 1976 but seems to be largely forgotten now. The Expert himself was played by old-school actor Marius Goring as pathologist Professor John Hardy. The programme was indeed set in Leamington Spa though later series did a lot of filming nearer to London to reduce costs.
My diary notes an excursion to Hull and Spurn Head on the first series, the story involving a seaman who developed smallpox and was dumped over the side of the ship. I think we did some filming on the erstwhile Hull Ferry (before the bridge was built) - we certainly travelled back that way. Leamington was fairly full of Midland Red buses, though at that time I think D9s would be more likely suspects."
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