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Final Justice with Erin Brockovich (Lifetime TV documentary series, 2003)
One show features GMC RTS Riverside Transit 100, a former Janesville Transit bus supplied by Regional Transit Service.
Scott Richards commented on the GMFishbowl Yahoo group:
It's 100's first appearance on TV. It's a re-enactment of a shoot out on a San Antonio Via bus. It was filmed here in
Riverside and got a lot of local newspaper and cable coverage. They filmed some kids getting on the bus, the bus starts to pull away and some other kids run from across the street to get on. The bus stops and they get on and chase the other kids out of the back door..... of course while shooting at them. The best part should be the arrest scene. The driver of the bus is also used as the policeman. The cop car is really just one of the RTS drivers/supervisors car. They used actual handcuffs but unfortunately... no one had the key for them. Thank goodness the Police Station is on the same property as my yard and shop."

It being a low-budget production, the bus appeared in Riverside Transit livery.
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