Episode 2.06: The One With the Baby on the Bus
"As this is set in New York, there are often background views of New York buses in street scenes. In the episode, "The One with the Baby on the Bus" a bus plays, naturally, a more prominent part. The only identifiable vehicle, assuming more than one was used, has fleet number 7543." (thanks Mike Lloyd) It's an RTS - the guys are out in town with said baby and spot two good-looking girls waiting for the bus - so they catch the bus. One of the girls is played by Catherine Bell, better known for JAG.
Except the baby gets left on the bus......our heroes are left to chase it down the street. Their plight is compounded when they turn a corner and see not one, but three buses driving away!
Episode 4.23/4.24: The One With Ross's Wedding
Americans in London - first thing they do is get on a sightseeing Routemaster opentopper!     
We also see L-class Leyland Olympians crossing Westminster Bridge at night:
There's a glimpse of a London Pride MCW Metrobus opentopper
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