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Gazette (Yorkshire TV drama serial, 1968)

The television show that introduced Gerald Harper's character James Hadleigh whom he later played in the better known 'Hadleigh'.

Episode 8: The Old Folks at Home
A rear view of West Yorkshire DX82 (456LHN), a 1961 Bristol Lodekka FS6B/Eastern Coachworks. As can be seen from the registration, this bus was new to United Automobile as BL56, but in 1967 was swapped with the original West Yorkshire DX82 (YWW77), a 1960 FSF6B.
Episode 10: Why Stay in Westdale?
A different Lodekka FS6B, West Yorkshire DX171 (838DYG), new in 1964. Sue (Gillian Wray) runs to catch it, and we see it on its journey:
....but there is a bizarre continuity error in the sequence - by the time it arrives in 'Westdale', the rear advertisement has changed!
We're not close enough to these buses to identify them:
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