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Get Well Soon (BBC sitcom, 1997)
Episode 6:
At the end of the last episode of this shortlived show we see a half cab single decker with 'Evans' fleetname.
Allan Haynes worked on this show and provided the 'behind the scenes' photographs: "Set in a TB sanatorium (!) in 1948. Location was the redundant hospital at Mundesley in North Norfolk, now in use again as a privately run drugs rehabilitation unit. As a member of the Eastern Transport Collection Society based near Norwich I was able to supply their 1950 Bristol LL5G/ECW saloon KNG718 for two days' filming. The Eastern Counties fleetname was covered up with a brown vinyl label with gold lettering for Evans (fictitious of course).
As the driver, they dressed me in a heavy blue serge uniform and a London Transport white-top cap. The bus was seen in two or three shots at the hospital."
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