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Ghost Squad (ITC police series, 1961-4)
The adventures of the agents of Scotland Yard's secret undercover crime unit, dubbed 'The Ghost Squad'. Bob Wingrove has researched this series made between 1961 and 1964 and provided the screencaps. He comments: "Ghost Squad was an ATV production for ITV but its early episodes were produced for ATV by J Arthur Rank and so it was a good excuse to bung in old 'stock' film whenever they needed some exotic locations. From series 2, ATV made the programmes (1962) and as such there is much more studio based action and hardly any outside shots. Also the agent role is shared between two actors"

Episode 1.01: Ticket For Blackmail

"Nick Craig masquerades as a wealthy Texan sheep farmer on a coach tour through Europe where people have been blackmailed. This is a good example of 'stock shot' footage. Picture one is in reception; notice the model coach on the desk."

Standard London scenes with RT family vehicles:

This is the Plaxton Bedford SB used on the tour:

The following day - surprise, it's now a Duple bodied Bedford SB, registration VLB417!

"The coach in the next scene is now some form of continental coach, and in picture 8 they arrive at the hotel - it's changed back to a Plaxton again!"

Episode 1.02: Bullet With My Name On It

"Craig is sent to Rome to inpersonate an American criminal Lawyer whos life is threatened. When he gets to Rome 'Airport' a Bedford SB/Duple is seen in the background. There is then a stock shot of 'Rome':

Episode 1.04: High Wire

"Craig becomes a wall of death rider in a French touring circus in his search for a gang of thieves. At the German border is this Bedford SB/Duple:"

Episode 1.06: Eyes of the Bat

"Craig takes on a difficult assignment when he has to impersonate a blind safecracker as a way of infiltrating a blackmail ring. a good example yet again of stock footage. It's 1961 so to show London at night, they use trams crossing Westminster Bridge!"

Episode 1.07: Still Waters

"Craig has to masquerade as a crooked Dutch diamond cutter to go inside a jewel smuggling racket: two stock shots of 'Copenhagen'!"

Episode 1.10: Million Dollar Ransom

"Craig becomes a driver in the Monte Carlo Rally when a scientist is kidnapped. A stock shot of 'Stockholm' (no idea if it is), and when the scientist is free and comes back to London, he is met at the airport (incidentally this building gets used as the airport all the time no matter where it's supposed to be) there is one of the BEA AEC Regal deck and a half vehicles sitting there."
Episode 2.04: The Big Time

"A smalltime crook steals a handbag and finds himself in a diamond smugling operation. Several shots of standard London Transport RT family vehicles......

.....and also this, what I think is either an LCC education bus or police bus, registration MUL 595 (Bedford VAS?)"

Episode 2.04: The Big Time

"A wealthy fugitive becomes a waterfront derelict and meets his death in Sydney. Craig has to find out by taking a coach from Victoria Coach Station.
Picture one is I think a Beccols bodied vehicle:

Two Plaxton bodied coaches, the first is AEC Reliance GXT916. It's followed by a Commer Avenger, while parked up are a Maidstone and District Harrington and East Kent AEC Reliance:
"Picture 5 shows what I think may be a Duple/Bedford vehicle and an RT and something else (Yeates?):

Picture 6 (back to stock shots again) shows inside the coach but the driver is actually on the left not right.
Picture 7 is actually the same stock shot as used in the episode 'Ticket for Blackmail'!!

Pictures 8 and 9 show foreign coaches:

Pictures 10 and 11 show Hong Kong and a couple of what look like Daimler CVG6.

Episode 2.10: Polsky

"Millar experiences the bitter desperation a criminal feels when he is caught up in a vicious circle and all struggles to free himself are useless. London Transport RTW431 (LLU581) and a queue of buses - possibly waiting to go into a depot?"

Episode 2.12: The Magic Bullet

"A metallurgist is injured in a car crash. Ghost Squad are called in to investigate. Stock shots of RTs in background."

Episode 2.18: The Thirteenth Girl

Lots of BEA AEC Regal IV deck and a half coaches.
"Ghost Squad calls in a female agent to investigate the disappearance of Swiss au pairs; two have been murdered.
The Agent flies out to Switzerland then comes back to London. On the way into central London we follow the AEC Regals but as it's stock footage the registration numbers keep changing!! Stock shot of an RT in background as she is in a cab."

In the first, MLL739 leads a line of four. Secondly we see MLL724, and in the third MLL719:

Episode 2.25: Lost in Transit

"The upsurge of a new Nazi party puts Millar in jeopardy when he has to join a fellow Ghost Squad agent undercover.
Shot of a coach on service with KLM"

"There was a sequel to Ghost Squad named GS5, however none of this survives in full."
The Internet Movie Database classifies this simply as season 3, so I've adopted their numbering here:

Episode 3.12: Hideout

"Set in a holiday camp; a Southdown (Duple?) coach, a Commer minibus and this rather splendid Bedford VAL 300HOR with Creamline of Bordon."

Episode 3.13: It Won't Be A Stylish Marriage

"A London Transport AEC RF in Green Line livery seen in background."
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