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Gideon's Way (ITC police series, 1964-7)
A little-remembered show based on the John Creasey novels about Commander George Gideon of Scotland Yard, aired in 1965. 'Gideon's Way' was notable for being shot on film and for its extensive use of location filming.
Episode 4: The Big Fix
"The trainer at a stables is involved in doping and Gideon appears at a race meeting. A number of S type Bedford horseboxes are in evidence, however the one that stands out would appear to be a Bedford SB chassis complete with Duple Vega butterfly front. It is not possible to identify the registration number." (noted by Stuart Turner)
Episode 14: The Tin God
An AEC RT and Leyland RTL are seen in different sequences of this episode.
Episode 25: The Rhyme and the Reason
"A couple of teenagers have to catch the bus home from a day in the country after their scooter is wrecked by bikers. VOT568, an AEC Reliance/Duple miraculously appears on service to 'Blackdown' - filming could have been around Denham - I don't know where ITC filmed. There is no evidence of ownership but VOT was new to Bakers, Bordon in 1959 - one of a pair, the other being VOT678." (noted by Stuart Turner, screencap by stronghold)
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