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The Golden Hour (ITV medical drama, 2005)
Shortlived series (four episodes) depicting a HEMS - Helicopter Emergency Medical Service - based in London.
Episode 1:
A bus driver swerves to miss a child and hits a car instead, resulting in multiple injuries.
The scene is set in central London. A Stagecoach London Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer passes in front of a (Go Ahead) London Central Dennis Dart SLF/Marshall:
Various buses appear in part in the general hubbub; the only one identifiable being London Central LDP108 (S108EGK), another Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer new to London General:
The collision takes place well away from these scenes. The bus involved is GOG259W, a MCW Metrobus new in 1981 as West Midlands PTE 2259. In 2004, while owned by Imperial of Rainham for school contracts and rail replacement work, GOG259W appeared in the Vic Reeves comedy Catterick. Here it's been repainted red to represent a London bus - note it retains the school bus badge on the back, and it carries no fleetnames:
In the collision the bus flips a Renault Laguna over:
The ermergency services arrive:
Steve Floyd notes "The estate street sequences and rescue operations were filmed in Robert Street, Plumstead, not all that far from Stagecoach London's Plumstead Garage. The opening scenes featured several Stagecoach and London Central Dennis Darts passing Woolwich Arsenal Station."
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