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Goodnight Sweetheart (BBC sitcom, 1993-9)
Episode 3.02
"This Nicolas Lyndhurst comedy about a man who could go back in time [to the London of World War 2] featured a number of vintage London Transport vehicles including an STL." (thanks Chris Hough). Three preserved buses are featured, ST922 (GJ2098), a 1932 AEC Regent/Tilling, STL441 (AXM693), a 1934 AEC Regent/LPTB, and, more unusually, C94 (CLE122), a 1936 Leyland Cub KPO3/Weymann.
The bus station is a mock-up - here all three buses are seen:
ST922 departs in the background while C94 waits:
Slight continuity niggle here, as ST922 is seen in the background of the next shot:
There are good interior and exterior views of STL441 on the road:
Colin Read adds, "In either the first or second episode, Gary Sparrow refers to catching a tram. Whitechapel in 1940 would have been tramless by then. Bus or trolleybus please!"
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